6 Tips for Improving Customer Experience

6 Tips for Improving Customer Experience

Customer experience refers to all of the emotions and feelings a customer experiences before, during and after the purchase of a product or service. It is the result of all the interactions that a customer can have with the brand or the company.

Top 6 :

  • Online chat, FAQ.

Online chat on a website or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) allows customers to answer their own questions without having to call or even move from their computer screens! Online chat allows you to speak directly with a company contact and the FAQ is a forum where customers share their solutions encountered on the site or with a product. It is a C2C platform where customers help each other.

Chat Oct8ne
  • Easily find the Contact page.

In a world where thousands of websites and competitors are always on the lookout, it is essential to optimize your website so the customer can contact you in less than 5 seconds spent on the site. The phone number and the email address at the top left of your website (for example) is a good solution because it is visible upon arrival on the site, another way is to put this information on the Footer of your site.

  • Listen to the Client FeedBack.

Thanks to all the social networks it is easy to spread information and it becomes very quickly viral. It’s a good thing when it suits you! But if a customer complains about your online services like for example on Twitter, the best to do and answer him as soon as possible, so that the customer will realize that there is a real follow-up and that the the company’s team cares about the customer and his satisfaction.

Customer FeedBack
  • Consistency on all your Distribution Channels.

Consistency is a must to improve the customer experience, the information must be the same on any platform. On your website, your catalog, your social networks, newsletters … Everywhere!

Imagine yourself in charge of a clothing store, if a customer approaches you with an article in hand telling you that he saw on Facebook that there was a reduction of -50%; you will feel bad if the promotion has a week ago but you have not changed the information on your website! The customer will be a little disappointed and may make bad “word of mouth”.

  • Keep your database up to date.

The database is your friend! Use it all the time and keep it updated! Nothing is more frustrating for a customer than being solicited twice for the same thing, and even more so if you bought the product. As soon as you make a sale, remove this customer from your customer list unless you are looking for sell a complementary product. Thanks to your database, even your commercial colleagues will know that we must not relaunch this client.

  • The Customer Journey.

The customer journey comes first through the website, you need consistency in your site. Do not put the prices of your offer before the description for example. You really have to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine yourself as a buyer, you need a nice homepage followed by a description of the offer, prices and finally a presentation of the team. Act as if you were in a physical store and imagine the journey from the store entrance to the checkout.

Customer Journey Mapping

Conclusion :

To improve the customer experience you will need responsiveness on social networks, product sheets / offers with the same price and the same description on all your distribution channels, a database up to date not to solicit the same customer twice and of course remain accessible for your customers by phone, email …



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