6 tips to organize a B2B contest on Facebook 1/2


There is a universal belief on the Internet that Social Media is only for companies that do B2C (business to consumer). Even if it is true that communication on social media is easier to access than for B2B companies (business to business), they can nevertheless keep the advantage of being able to use these channels to connect to their current consumers and convert prospects into customers.


The B2B audience is certainly smaller, with different challenges to meet, but Social Media deserves the time and effort to be successful.


  1. Social Media is a friendly way to face customers


You certainly use emailing and newsletters to share information about your company and your products. It is an excellent channel to alert your customers and prospects about your special offers and news.

However, there is a serious lack of commitment in this way. On Facebook, you hire them at the same place where they chat with their friends and family. Your statutes, which can be an invitation to a contest, can then potentially be seen by their networks using their content. You can create a dialogue with your customers, which is radically different from pure sales.


Know your Client


  1. Conduct contests to keep in touch with your customers more often


If you are a B2B business, when you speak, you usually do so with people who already know you and your products. By hosting a contest on Facebook, you give yourself the opportunity to reach customers who will share information with their friends and prospects.


Keep it simple, think of lots that fit you, not necessarily excessively expensive. Play t-shirts, mugs and other media with your logo; customers will love to showcase you.


Facebook Contest


See you later for the part.2 !



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