Adopt Commercial Animation to an E-Commerce


A sales promotion consists in organizing a promotional operation at a point of sale in order to boost sales of a product or a brand. Generally, the commercial animations take place in store, the days of strong frequentation, the weekend or during the period of the holidays, for example.

The commercial animations are carried out by providers specialized in this type of event. It can be a product tasting, a demonstration of using a new device, or even a distribution of free samples. Commercial animations can significantly increase the sales turnover of the promoted product and be accompanied by a special promotion for the occasion, for example thanks to a gondola head to highlight the promoted product.

Some examples of commercial animation:

These examples are directly inspired by E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Cdiscount or Ebay.


  • Flash sales:

You can set up daily or weekly flash sales to get some extra sales. Flash sales are a good way to increase sales because customers are taken by the time, a flash sale lasts only a few times which reduces the time of analysis of the customer, he will be more likely to make an impulse purchase on a flash sale.


The objective here is to focus on a purchase coup de coeur, while increasing customer satisfaction.


Flash Sales


  • The games contests

What to win ? Depending on your activity, you can take advantage of this to create lots from unsold items or opt for back-to-school deals. To boost your sales, also think about vouchers ! Alone or integrated in the lot, this small magic coupon sent during an Emailing campaign encourages the Net surfers to go on your e-commerce to find how to spend their gift. This turns participants into customers. With an effective Web Marketing retention strategy, you will convert them into loyal customers.


  • Offer promotion codes on your social networks.

Offering promotional codes on your social networks will greatly increase your conversion rate and will decrease the shopping cart abandonment rate so it’s all beneficial!

Double the points, offer an additional discount, offer an extra gift in the order, add a voucher, lower the price of the loyalty card (if it is paying)… Be commercial in your approach to make Internet users want to order during an unusual period.


And don’t forget! Retaining a customer costs 5 times less than finding new ones!



Code Promotionnel


  • The Mystery Box!

Several E-Commerce began to make Mystery boxes and some even specialized in this field by proposing only mystery boxes. The concept is simple, the boxes are sold by categories or themes, for example football. It is just specified what is inside but briefly (3 T-shirts, 1 ball) and it is not mandatory ! Some boxes are really mysterious because they don’t say what’s in them!

The objective is to intrigue the consumer, with a lot of products at low prices, of which he (almost) ignores everything. In the end, it’s about giving yourself a gift. The discount on these packs is very often important. As for the content, it contains unsold items with possibly an article from the new collection to avoid disappointment. The advantage of these lots is to offer an interesting consumer experience, while helping you sell your inventory.





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