Customer Experience: core of the Marketing Strategy

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Everybody knows that it is more expensive to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one.

Customer experience is the relation between the brand and the consumer, before, during and after the purchase process. The marketing concept is essential because it enables to kindle an emotion at consumers to lead to a lasting attachment of the brand.

Customer journeys can be optimised at critical touch points because of the rise of the digital. Try to gain a better understanding of customer needs by building a strong and lasting relationship with your customers. Pleased customers will buy more and they easily share experiences with friends and family in the first time. Then, they give recommendations on social networks and rate your products or services.


Find new customers


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The development of the mobile and social media increases the bargaining power of consumers. So, provide a good quality of customer quality service is not a competitive advantage anymore: it is compulsory. An unsatisfied customer will have no qualm to buy elsewhere the good offer.

Companies wish to quickly deal with clients need without losing time. Multichannel supports enable to reply to this reactivity. Nowadays, all needs can be centralised on one platform even if they come from different sources like phone calls, emails, social medias, paper catalogues, flyers, etc…


Social Medias

Create links with your customers


The chat creates a direct link with consumers and enables to reply to them instantly. But, do not forget to keep the traditional method of communication to maintain the relationship such as following of emails.

The personalisation will become a real challenge to create a value for both client and brand at every touch points. Put the client in the centre of the strategy becomes meaningful. But, personalize does not mean only to send a promotional email or a newsletter with client’s name. It is about creating and make a unique experience. In a highly competitive world, even if many companies are aware of the need to personalise their clientele relationship thanks to technology.

More than ever, clients expect to live relevant experiences. Despite of the rise of touch points, consumers want brands to offer a coherent experience and, at the same good quality in all channels: on the internet, mobile or shops. But also, when they ask for call centre service.


Create Links



Customer Personalisation :


Companies must have a global view of their client’s interactions via a central database of their behaviour and predilections.

Personalisation creates more fluidness in the brand relationship. Call upon users by presenting them relevant information give the relationship more spontaneous. Then, memorise leisure activity of every client help better to lead to the right product. At the end, companies adapt themselves to real time interactions.

Keep track of what your customer wants and has, so you can offer him complement without asking him again and again. Nothing more boring is offering something they do not need or already have. So, spend personalized quality time with your customer.





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