Ebusiness: How to write effective product information sheets with PIM

Faced with numerous offers and websites on the internet, it is hard to catch consumers’ attention. Rivalry among competitors is becoming harsher. Your aim is to convince and attract internet users, i.e., to transform them from visitors to buyers. To do so, increase the conversion rate (number of sales/ number of visitors) thanks to better product information sheet.



Good product information is a major component in the e-business. It improves the SEO and highlights products with impelling contents, like pictures, videos, in order to give visitors the desire to buy the product.

Product information sheets written with appropriated key words enable internet users to be oriented towards the most relevant results. As a result, the raise of the average basket.

Moreover, internet users cannot touch your article so it is wise to create emotion by adding detailed and multiple photos, under different view, zoom and put the product in scene. Your website will become more attractive, with pleasant browsing.


1#  Speech

Listen to your audience and adapt product descriptions to who you are offering to. Different public, different speech, so choose the right language. A technical direct speech is suitable for professionals because they know what they want, whereas easy global marketing talk will give private individuals more to dream about.

2# Layout and format

People see the world differently, some are visual, some auditive, and others want to feel. Be aware of the importance of product presentation. You sell cheap stuff, make it messy, your company sells top quality, use nice pictures and staging photo to help the audience imagine your product at home, you are an specialist, show that by small visual details like pictograms or zooms.

3# Offer transparency

The internet user wants a perfect accessibility to information, it means, give quickly responses to their questions. They try to erase doubts in order to be sure that this product matches with their need. Do not hesitate to add more specifications: characteristics, client business cases and technical references. Be clear and open-minded.

4# Recommendation and get feedback

A captivated buyer is the best because he talks about your products to his friends. Give him a chance to give feedback, so you fine-tune your product information sheet. Clients’ comments have a lot of influence towards your future buyers.  So, set up a recommendation system on your retail website can boost sales, especially if comments are numerous and positive. Do not forget to check if the comment is legal, according to your image.


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