How to send an email to boost your e-commerce site?

The rise of web 2.0 has largely contributed to the growth of online stores. A new trend with a strong impact on communication is developing: the transition from a direct communication in a physical shop, to a virtual communication.

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So how do you get to that consumer who’s on the other side of the screen? In terms of marketing and communication, the strategies will change, since we must reach this “new consumer” with creative and effective strategies to have loyal customers and significant income.

In the digital age, there is a key communication tool: the newsletter. Even with the appearance of social networks like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, the newsletter continues to be the most used means of communication to send information to its subscribers about products, services and promotional offers, in a way fast, simple and profitable.

For SMEs, it is advisable to use an emailing software to create powerful campaigns and send a newsletter that attracts the attention of consumers. So you have to go to the newsletter not only to increase your sales, but also to maintain a close relationship with your customers.

A study of the FEVAD on e-commerce in France for the period 2016-2017 shows that 36.6 million French people make purchases on the internet, which represents 82.7% of Internet users.

These numbers demonstrate the importance that Internet users place on online sales. The newsletter then becomes the most effective communication element to boost the sales of SMEs. But then, what are the keys to sending a successful emailing to boost sales in e-commerce?

5 tips to send a successful emailing in e-commerce.

1.Segmentation above all

Segmentation is fundamental to sending a campaign to the right target. Your customers, subscribers to your newsletter, are all different. Each of them has centers of interest, opinions, completely different ways of life … they are all unique. It is therefore important to know them well to send a relevant message that is interesting for each individual.

In e-commerce, segmentation is fundamental to sending your recipient a message that is relevant to the moment in which they are in the customer’s lifecycle. A key message is sending a welcome letter to your new subscriber, another essential is sending a promotional code to a user who has abandoned his basket or to a customer who makes purchases regularly.

With emailing software, you can segment by activity, geographic location, date of birth, gender, etc. These are essential categories to best target your campaigns.

2. Content is the key point of your strategy

You are a company just launched on the web, a strange world that is full of benefits that will allow your new business to become a success.

Focus all your efforts on creating creative, engaging and engaging content for your subscribers and prospects.

For this, you must know at best all your customers: his tastes, interests, opinions, behavior, absolutely EVERYTHING! The easiest way is to use an emailing software as soon as you send your newsletter to have information that will be useful to create your content.

With professional software, you have the ability to get data like open rate, clickthrough rate, churn rate, and responsiveness rate, to create compelling content that both virality. Find out which link, text, button, or visual has generated the most clicks to create better campaigns every time.

Make sure that your content, from the subject of the email, is creative and attracts your recipient’s attention. Always remember to diversify the messages: send promotions, accompany your message of images, videos on the products, advice of use, take advantage of special events, etc. This will make your recipients familiar with your brand universe and encourage them to buy.

EX : l’Oréal Paris newsletter


3.Personalization first

To send a powerful newsletter for your e-commerce site, it is advisable to customize the content to be sent from the mail object. It is not enough to put the first name of your recipient (which is an action to take into account).

Based on the data obtained from your emailing software, send relevant content that is relevant to your behavior and opinions. It is important for your recipient to see that it is important to you and that you are listening to it.

4.Go to virality

Nowadays, social networks are very important communication channels. Above all, if you want to promote your e-commerce, it is advisable to integrate social networks and the newsletter in your acquisition strategy to have a significant traffic to your website.

Add share buttons to your social network accounts in your message or insert call buttons in the emailing footer. In this way, if the content is interesting for your recipient, he will share it instantly and naturally on his profile, which can lead to the virality of the message.

Ex: Newsletter Elle Magazine


Another action to take into account is sharing the content of your newsletter through your different profiles on social networks. Adapt the content according to the social network chosen: an image from the newsletter for Instagram or Pinterest, a small summary or teaser of the newsletter for your Facebook page.

Ex: ELLE Facebook Fan Page

Use your different profiles on social networks as well as the newsletter in a strategic way to have qualified traffic to your online store and increase your sales.

5.Choose the right moment to send your newsletter

Send accurate content at the right time is the golden rule to boost your e-commerce site. Thanks to the newsletter, you will be able to establish a close relationship with your consumers.

With an emailing software, you have the possibility to schedule your shipments to leave at the time that seems most appropriate. In addition, this software will detect the precise moment when your campaigns will have the best opening rates by your recipients in order to deliver your next emails at the most opportune moments.

Feel free to analyze this data to send your newsletter at the right time and have effective results!

Sending an emailing, for SMEs, is a simple, fast and profitable way to increase the sales of an online store. Choose the best solution to send messages that attract the attention of your recipients and that motivate them to perform the most important action for e-commerce: the purchase.


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