Instagram Shopping, how does it work ?

What is Instagram ?


Instagram is a social network present on smartphone whose main goal is to share its photographs. Each user has a kind of wall, a personal Instagram page, where all his photos taken or modified via the application are displayed. Other Instagram users can then leave comments or indicate that they like photography. As for Facebook, it is possible to make its page accessible to all users of the application or only to its list of friends, called subscribers.


Before Instagram Shopping


Since early December 2015, companies and brands can publish Instagram ads without having an Instagram account. This means that advertisers can improve engagement on the platform at a low conversion cost. Prior to this change in position, advertisers had to associate an Instagram account with their Facebook Page account. And, the disadvantages were of three kinds:


Companies had to create, optimize and manage an Instagram page for companies. Facebook probably wants to kill two birds with one stone. Kind of like Google did with Google+ and Local Google+ Pages.


Companies also had to create or have an audience on Instagram to benefit from the organic reach of their posts.


Companies were reluctant to invest in an Instagram profile without knowing whether it would be useful to them over time.


That’s how Instagram ads had trouble getting off the ground. But, today, everything is better. So much so that advertising on Instagram performs as well as advertising on Facebook. And it may explode even more with this new facility offered to broadcast advertising without an Instagram account.


Instagram Shopping


The Instagram Shopping feature is quite basic and is not actually quite new on Instagram. The feature does not work for videos, and people have always had the opportunity to buy products through ads on Instagram for over a year. The new organic “Buy Now” feature that Instagram plans to apply to future ads is a clean upgrade to the old version of the ad.


With this new organic version, the photo that sells on Instagram is similar to the classic shared photo, except the label displayed at the bottom left of the image that says “Type for more Products“.

By tapping on this link, the user will see tags on up to 5 product photos, with their names and prices.

By clicking on one of these tags, he will have an enlarged view of this product with its description instead of the normal legend and a “Buy Now” link instead of the usual “Likes”.

By tapping the “Buy Now” button, the browser integrated in the Instagram application will open to the product order page on the retailer’s site.






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