Lean Product Management and Design

What is Lean Product Management?

Dan Olsen, a startup veteran and leading PM voice, gives a his explaination about how to apply Lean Startup principles as a product person. He puts best practices in understanding customer needs, prioritization, UX design, user testing, and analytics that can be used to optimize your product. This video explains nicely the steps to make product development fast and success for product market introduction.

UX design helps better understand customer needs and reading level of information.

Relation with product information management solution

Product information systems help companies better structure product data as images, descriptions, tags and target to specific markets. Performance and conversion from lead to sales is a mix of format (design) and content (message).

Nice and clear presentation of your product with more detailed information, helps customers to decide to buy.

Good luck. Rob

Rob Verhoek
Rob Verhoek

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