Managing and Adapting your Products Internationally

Managing and Adapting your Products Internationally

Going abroad is already a big step forward for an E-business because you can literally flood the market with your product if the work was done correctly upstream, once your e-commerce is established abroad (for example in England) the work is not finished yet ! It remains the hardest to do, know your target, the “zones” most suitable for launching your products and review the price.

The main features to have :

For your products, there are some features to be integrated imperatively such as secure payment by credit card or via a payment platform (Paypal, chronopaie …) Multilanguage is a must to sell abroad, do not translate your product sheets word by word but try to find a catchy commercial phrase to facilitate the sale of your products.

ex :Samsung Advertisement

52% of French e-businesses have established themselves internationally with an omicanal solution and have grown their business over time. To avoid “self-discrediting” you have to master the language of the country where you want to implement, it is essential to establish a beginning of trust with the consumer, do not try to chew to write small paragraphs to minimize spelling errors because the consumer feels it and loses confidence, take the time to translate your texts well to avoid losing a potential client !

The currency of the country must be integrated into your e-commerce site to reassure the customer. If you want to sell in Costa Rica, you must integrate the possibility of payment in Colones or at least Dollar! if you force your customers to pay in Euros, they will lose trust or simply zap to go to someone else’s e-commerce site.

Different Currencies


Work with a delivery platform like DHL or DPD to deliver as soon as possible, nothing to be delivered on time, depending on the country, it should be set up a connection space with fields to fill the address of delivery, means of payment…

It is necessary to be interested in the culture of the target country, to continue with Costa Rica, the 15 of September is the Independence Day, if you organize an event for this festival the Costa Ricans will be grateful to you and you will be accepted easily. The colors of your site can also change according to the country. The Costa Rican flag is red-white blue like the French one, a color code can be established to make the site more familiar to consumers.

ex: Main Reasons for Abandoning Basket, Source

In conclusion, managing and adapting its products internationally is based on 6 key points:

  • Multilanguage: This aspect is fundamental for the client because seeing the website or the product sheet in your native language puts you directly in confidence.
  • The culture of the target country: The country in question necessarily has a national holiday, understand their culture and take advantage of it to convert that into new customers! The flag can also be used as a new color code! Something similar to make the customer feel familiar.
  • Loyalty: To retain a customer in a foreign country it passes with the first impression of the website, if the customer feels reassured by your site and its content he will be more likely to contact you which can lead to a sale.
  • Payment security: It is necessary to set up on your website a secure payment functionality with the credit card or by known platforms.
  • The multi-currency: A foreign customer must be able to pay with the currency he wants, if he lives in Switzerland he must be able to switch currency between the Euro and the Swiss franc.
  • Delivery: For the delivery it is necessary to establish a good ratio between the price and the delays. The customer must be able to be delivered in optimum time at a lower cost and especially wherever he is.



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