Omnichannel and paper catalog: the winning combination

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Nowadays, consumers have an «Omnichannel» behavior in their purchase process. They want to order online but pick up their products in a shop (click-and-collect). The concept is to keep the link with buyers wherever they are and adapt the right communication according to their habits of consumption, with a good flow from a channel to another.

Today, customers change brand relationship and move outside the purchasing habits – changing the ratio of power between customers and brands. Customers impose their way of thinking. Because of the development of digital and most particularly the rise of smartphones and tablets making the accessibility of product offers as easy as “click to know”.

Clients become extremely exigent and decide where, when and how to buy. Using multiples channels to enquire information of products and services.

However, digital’s growth does not mean shop’s death. Consumers want to live a “personalized” experience.  On the e-shop, they look for identical services as offered in a physical shop. Companies need to innovate and adapt themselves to make this experience possible.

Paper catalog, a huge asset

Paper catalog reveals to be compulsory in an effective marketing omnichannel strategy, especially in fashion sector or for wholesalers. In recent years, this medium is growing even if business online remains strongest. For the sake of differentiation, a company will try to reach their targets via multitude of channels.

Paper catalog is a part of the mix-marketing of a brand. This medium’s comeback enables to a brand to strengthen links with clients. Besides, Amazon. Com Inc made a paper catalog last Christmas, but no prices are shown.  The company thought this way of communication is more relevant than another email in clients’ mailbox because most of them are not read and put directly to the bin.

First, the paper catalog helps to attract and seduce consumers. Then, it triggers purchases on the internet. It accentuates both the brand image and company’s positioning and, makes out of a “cheap” e-shop website that anyone can launch today.

But, what are most of clients looking for? The chance to sit down in the sofa while reading a paper catalog.  Clients are more focus when they are reading catalogs because while browsing on the internet they are interrupted by various reasons: social network notifications, untimely appearance of pop-up windows, etc. A paper medium is very pleasant and more convenient to read than a screen. Companies have to enhance their omnichannel strategy in order to reach and mobilize new clients.


The paper catalog is coming up after many years of abandon. It appears like a vital component in marketing’s future. Owing to huge database which include lot of information about household and customer habits; makes targeting more efficient. Analyzing BIG DATA becomes more and more an issue for company’s business to target products catalogs to customer wishes.

The goal is to put the “good” catalog in right hands. The good combination between different channels will raise clients’ commitment, lead to a higher average basket and a lasting customer loyalty.

Nowadays, paper catalog is accessible to SMEs in term of financing and human resources due to catalog automation from a centralized products database.

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