Telework and the Cloud with BASE10

Telework and the Cloud with BASE10

The HR consulting firm Kronos has published estimates of telework for the year 2016. He estimates that 16.7% of French people telework more than one day a week, the majority (64%) do so from home, and 21% in offices provided by their company. For 71% of respondents, telework is a “real revolution”. 96% of them think that this way of working improves the well-being of employees, and 8% believe that their workplaces are local networks and co-working areas.

Definitions to know

Telework refers to a particular organisation of work, the exercise of a professional activity, in whole or in part at a distance using information and communication technologies (Internet, mobile telephony, fax, etc.) Telework can be carried out from home, a co-working centre or a satellite office.

The Cloud is a process of using remote computer servers over Internet networks. Example: With the cloud, it is possible to rent on-demand servers to perform daily tasks without having to store data yourself.

After studying these figures, a Bordeaux-based company named BASE10 is born in 2015. 4 partners have the idea of offering individuals and professionals to rent an office, meeting room or co-working space for half a day.

The idea was very popular with companies such as La Société Générale, Groupama and Volkswagen, who volunteered their services and made their “empty” offices available for the benefit of more than one.


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With nearly 43 million employees in France, 11 million teleworkers. Among these 11 million, there are about 900,000 people who telework from a co-working space. This is where BASE10 comes into play and offers 3 very attractive and available offers regardless of your status (student, employee, manager…)

For a single office it costs €15 per half-day, for a co-working space of €9 and finally for a meeting room it is €3 per seat available in the room and per half-day.

BASE10 Application

The Cloud plays an even more important role in this offer because a person teleworking from home or from a co-working space needs the Internet. If that person does not have an external hard drive permanently on them, they will need the Cloud which is much more secure and easy to use.

In 2018, the Cloud has become an indispensable tool for any modern company, enabling you to consult and modify its documents at any time, from any computer or portable device with an Internet connection. Share documents with collaborators through collaborative platforms. Access the applications and software of your company remotely (saaS or Software as a Service principle) and benefit from a state-of-the-art security system with automatic online backup of your documents.

73% of employees wanted to do telework. But 53% of requests are refused by their managers. It is conceivable that in the future the figures for the acceptance of applications will be higher which, for BASE10, is still an opportunity to seize.

It is a company that lives with its time and responds to new needs present in today’s society.


It can then be said that the cloud and telework are indeed linked. Just as much for the ease of performing various tasks, staying connected to your colleagues via Skype or other and the most important thing for me is the security that the cloud gives you, it ends up forgetting to save a document or having to download it to send it to a colleague by email.

Everything can be done simply, alone or with others.



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