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La Maison de la Porcelaine is the French leader in the porcelain tableware market.
The company designs, produces, and distributes a very wide range of crockery and accessories that are continually renewed throughout the new collections.

In short :

French artisanal society
30 employees
Distributes 12,000 references
Business to Customer
Business to Business


Customer problem : 

By constantly completing and growing its product range, the time spent on product referencing was becoming unmanageable.

The presentation of the porcelain product offer is special. It is totally linked to the order of display, which must present the possible compositions in the art of the table.

The factory located in Limoges still manufactures “Made in France” and focuses on the quality and customization of porcelain. Many great personalities from around the world order these high-end products, which can be found on large French tables as well as on private jets around the world.

It makes the choice to turn to digital transformation to own an online store and manage its products directly on the same collaborative platform, to be more available to its customers.

The SolidPepper Solution :

SolidPepper allowed them to update product directly from the company’s ERP without manual intervention. The updating of the products and the placing on the market of new range is then faster. Finished Excel, Word and images files everything is refocused on a single tool and access is shared. The product sheet is filled once and sent directly to the e-commerce site.

The presentation of the offer, in a marketing order, in association with the products of the same collection, allows the user to build his order and optimize the customer experience. With more than 12000 references, thousands of visitors and a rich content, the technical platform is essential.

Result: Second position in natural referencing just after Wikipedia on Google by typing the generic word “porcelain”, a turnover increase and a complete automation and time saving on the Time-to-Market.


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