Why Adopt a PIM Tool?

First, what is a PIM Tool for and what is it?

This acronym stands for “Product Information Management”. This Tool consists of Grouping all information related to your Company or a specific Product and adding it to a single Database, which greatly facilitates the management of your resources and resources. on the other hand, keep a global eye thanks to the optimized interface.

Be connected, together, from anywhere.

The main thing in a company is to have access to specific information without necessarily going to ask for it, to be able to modify the information remotely with a traceability of the data, and to connect the various sectors of the company together (Marketing, Accounting , Human Resources …) to create a synergy between their words and a stronger group cohesion. All this represents ERP software meaning Enterprise Resource Planning, if you already have this type of software you will be able to add a PIM Software to your structure.


A PIM tool complementary to your management software.

The main advantages are to have your data centralized, to master your product sheets with the ability to control and modify the information when you want, share its data with colleagues or distributors from the tool to the main channels: E-Commerce, Product Catalogs and Third Parties. The possibility of placing your E-Shop directly in the form of a catalog will seduce more than one of your Clients, in one click, the software Automatically generates a detailed Catalog that you can Modify as you wish thereafter.


Save time and money !

PIM Tools are a great fit for your Management Software and have a “data migration” feature to the PIM tool.

With a mastery of the basics of the Software estimated at 2h, you can Create, Modify, Add specific product information in no time in a fun and professional way. A person who does not necessarily have great knowledge Computer will be very comfortable on our software thanks to its ease of handling.


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