Why advertise on LinkedIn?


Professional social networks are very important when you sell in B2B, you will even have the possibility to promote your articles, i.e. to make them gain visibility with a qualified public. Here is the procedure to follow on LinkedIn.


Why LinkedIn over other networks?

In France we have 2 known professional social networks, LinkedIn and Viadeo but in recent years LinkedIn has really grown and has become the most used professional social network with nearly 15 million registered in France.

The search trends given by Google Trends also point in the direction of a decrease in interest in Viadeo, to the benefit of LinkedIn. Moreover, there is no forecast for 2019 for the term “Viadeo”. Not very reassuring for the French firm… !



In which case promote its articles?


To promote content on a social network is to improve your notoriety and visibility, to contribute to increase the traffic of your Internet site, to make your expertise known to new targets… and thus to gain new readers and prospects !

What is very interesting with this social network is that the platform has a very precise targeting.


In terms of targeting, you can choose to relay your content:


  • With specific companies, chosen according to their name, size or sector of activity
  • In a given perimeter, in France or abroad (think in this case to write your contents in English… !)
  • With professionals occupying strategic positions for your company, specifying the seniority desired.


In the advanced settings, you can also specify :


  • One or more specific schools to target
  • A LinkedIn group to communicate with (to refine your targets’ interests)
  • The gender and age of the people to whom your content will be displayed.


Content promotion pricing:

Two types of invoicing are then possible for the promotion of your content:


  • Pay per click – choose if you want targets to be redirected to your item
  • Billing by the number of prints (i.e. the number of times your content is displayed) – to choose if you want your company’s name to permeate the head of your targets, to improve your notoriety.


Ciblage Précis


Where will you be visible?


  • In search results (when a user searches for a member on LinkedIn)
  • On the LinkedIn home page (the page that appears just after the user logs in to LinkedIn)
  • On LinkedIn members’ profile pages (when a user consults another member’s profile)
  • Next to the LinkedIn users inbox (when a user checks his messages)
  • In the tab ” Groups ” (when a user consults the news of the groups to which he is registered).


Now you know everything about LinkedIn!

You can start using the most used professional social network in France and in the world!





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