Why create a B2B Blog 1/2


I will explain why you should set up if it is not already done a blog on your B2B site, there are 4 considerable advantages that I will present to you in this article and in a second.


Generate leads!


First I will explain what a lead is, a lead is a commercial contact, i.e. a contact registered with a potential customer (prospect). It can be a direct contact made by a sales representative or a contact made on other media (quote request, phone call, website visits related to inboud marketing…)



Creating a B2B blog dedicated to your market is a good way to generate leads. Publishing unique content on your blog shows that you not only understand the needs and issues of your prospects, but more importantly, that you know how to respond to them. By leveraging Inbound Marketing, you will attract qualified traffic that you can then convert through Call-To-Action and Landing Pages. Therefore, put forward on your blog Call-To-Action (to download a white paper or register for a webinar for example) as well as strategically positioned contact buttons. The objective, you have seized it, is to collect the coordinates of the Net surfers who are interested in what you do.


According to a study, B2B companies that publish content on their blog once or twice a month generate 70% more leads than those that do not feed their blog or do not have any.






Increase your presence as close as possible to prospects


However, the simple creation of a blog is obviously not enough to be known. It is advisable to bring quality content regularly, by dealing in particular with the problems of your prospects, the trends in the B2B sector or subjects which interest the customers of your solutions, in order to make them mature in order to acquire your solutions later. In addition, you must use the right keywords so that your articles are well referenced and reach your target audience.


The latter are omnipresent on professional social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Take advantage of their appetite for these platforms to regularly relay your content. Social networks are a great way to make your blog posts more visible and thus promote netlinking (links pointing to your site). Also, make sure your blog is responsive because more and more professionals are consulting these social media on their mobiles.


Finally, to maximize the impact of your articles, do not hesitate to distribute them in the form of newsletters: emailing is an extremely effective support in B2B. By using all these communication levers together, you will bring your achievements to life beyond your blog and gradually extend your influence on your prospects.






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