Why Create a B2B Blog 2/2


For this second part I will talk about the expertise and especially the natural referencing more commonly called SEO.


Affirm your expertise


Your blog, a space of expression par excellence, is ideal to enhance your knowledge on your field and your know-how. The more you write about subjects on which you are a specialist, the more you will assert your expertise and the more you will gain credibility and notoriety. Hence the interest of a good SEO: when a prospect does research on a topic and comes across your articles on the first page of Google, he will no doubt say to himself that you are clearly on the subject. A relationship of trust can arise in this way.

But for magic to work, you only need to offer your audience quality content. So don’t skimp on the resources allocated to your marketing content, your reputation and credibility depend on it! Background articles, videos, computer graphics… all types of content are good to seduce the readers of your blog. The variety of content published on your blog will prove your business knowledge and reinforce your legitimacy in the eyes of prospects.




Strengthen Your SEO


Nothing like a blog to optimize the natural referencing of your site. But for the latter to be in pole position in SERPs (search engine results), it is necessary to respect certain rudiments of SEO. For example, to name a few: we advise you to work on your titles and subtitles, use more relevant keywords, add tags to your visuals and make links between your blog articles.


Also important to know : Google greatly appreciates recent content. Therefore, the more regularly you publish targeted content, the more likely you are to be well referenced on this search engine. We insist on the interest of targeted content because it is the fact that a set of specific keywords often and naturally returns in your blog posts that will play in favor of your visibility on the Web.


Creating a B2B blog is at the heart of any good inbound and content marketing strategy. The blog is undoubtedly one of the best communication tools for a software publisher, an integrator or an ESN because it will allow you to differentiate yourself durably from your competitors and to create a relationship of trust with your target.





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