Why do you need to develop B2B on your e-commerce?

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Fevad: B2B ecommerce growth

18% of e-commerce sales come from B to B

And by 2020 this figure should increase to weigh 24%.

The opening of borders and the dematerialization of tenders now allows everyone to become a B2B partner. The stakes before where we always went through the same suppliers are over.

Now we buy responsible and local, we want to be sure of the source, the materials used, the conditions of manufacture. The growing numbers, companies whatever their size, have every interest in not missing the train as for their digital transformation.


The most used sectors for B2B sales are mainly for equipment and supplies:


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    Fevad: B2B ecommerce growth

    33% office equipment

  • 30% Computer hardware
  • 30% Computer hardwareThe phenomenon cross-border  is developing with 50% of the merchant sites in France receiving orders from French customers relocated abroad. The fact of having an on-line and off-line shop makes it possible to be available for its customer and especially to keep it loyal despite the borders.A site with B2B access

    All this step of transforming your site or creating a B2B is longer to set up an e-commerce site, but essential for the next 5 years.

    The acquisition of tools for CRM customer management and PIM product management allows to hold all the information on the same collaborative platform in order to advance efficiently towards the digital transformation and to manage the volume of products and orders in one only glance.

    The basic e-commerce site does not meet the same demands and expectations as for business-to-business sales. You have to take into account the access via a login from the beginning that allows to give the B2B user a personalized platform with the conditions negotiated. His access allows him to see his products at a personalized rate, his regular orders, current promotional offers and delivery details and his account with invoices.

    The choice that we agree in B2C is more based on a crush in a short time while for businesses it is a budget with a product voted in meeting so thoughtful whose purchase must correspond to  financial expectations and measurable. We also compare as we would in a classic purchase, the customization of the platform allows to optimize the customer experience with companies and suppliers. Access to information is faster and ergonomic and targeted directly to the user.

    The trend of B2B e-commerce continues to grow and more and more companies are setting themselves where others are not yet.




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