Why should I do BtoB on the web ?


When your prospect passes into the hands of your sales representative, up to 70% of their buying journey is already underway!


Thus, having a strong presence and notoriety on the Web will give you considerable advantages. Moreover, inbound marketing is an effective methodology to ensure presence on the Web and that provides amazing results.

Three key points to succeed on the Web

  • Target your ideal customer:


Your customers are the pillars of your strategy. To succeed in your inbound marketing and sales strategy, it is necessary to have a global and detailed portrait of your ideal customer. You must have a perfect understanding of your target audience in order to know exactly who you are addressing and what messages you want to convey. This will allow you to create customized content according to your ideal customer’s needs and also to understand their buying process.




  • Optimization and referencing of your website 


Before you start generating prospects on foot, ask yourself a few questions and do an audit. Is your website up to date? Does he need a makeover? Is it optimized for SEO? Your website is the basis of your presence on the Web. It acts as a showcase and must therefore be efficient, user-friendly, intuitive and functional on all platforms. Keep in mind that more than 90% of potential buyers consult the Internet to get information about a company, so your presence must be looked after.


Optimiser son référencement


  • Create content to help your prospects:


Why have a corporate blog? You may have noticed that more and more content from various companies is circulating on the Web. You should know that blogging gives you several considerable advantages. Indeed, creating value-added content mainly allows you to stand out on two important levels: :


  • SEO of your website: By positioning yourself on keywords specific to your industry and in connection with your content, you will rank much better in Google’s search results.


  • Prove your expertise: Creating content will set you apart from your competitors by showcasing your expertise and know-how.





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